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Since working with and learning from Nada, I feel like I am finally able to put together outfits that really look good on my body shape.  I always used to wonder why something did not look right, or I just had no idea how to finish off an outfit.  Nada has helped me get rid of the items that do not work for me, shop for the things that will work, and get ideas for how to put together new outfits with the clothes I already have...and of course, shop for new ones. 

Jaime S.
Jaime S.

Before I started working with Nada, I felt frustrated and overwhelmed whenever I tried to go clothes shopping. I ended up buying too much and not wearing most of it because it didn't fit or flatter me. I had so many clothes but always felt like I had nothing to wear. Now I enjoy getting dressed and feel confident in my choices, because I know what works for me.

Shannon B.